Statement of claim for divorce

Statement of claim for divorce

Divorce means the termination of an existing family union between living spouses. The simplified divorce procedure involves filing an application with the civil registry office, and if there are certain grounds specified in the Family Code of Ukraine, the dissolution of family relations is carried out in court – by filing a statement of claim by one of the spouses.

When filing a claim for divorce, the plaintiff must adhere to certain rules in order to avoid the return of the application and save time.

The conditions for filing a divorce claim depend on:

  • requirements of the statement of claim (simply a divorce or additional questions about children and property, it depends on what documents are needed for a divorce in court);
  • the cost of the claim if there is a question of division of property (it is necessary to correctly calculate the amount of the court fee).

It is also necessary to choose the right jurisdiction – that is, in which court you need to file a claim for divorce.

Claim for divorce through court

The reasons for judicial divorce are depicted in the Family Code of Ukraine:

  • the family has common minor children (child), regardless of whether there is a dispute between the spouses about them or not;
  • there is a dispute about joint property acquired during marriage (if a general claim for divorce and division of property is filed);
  • one of the parties does not agree with the divorce (even if the couple does not have common children or property) or does not appear at the registry office to submit a joint application.

In other cases, a marriage can be dissolved due to the registry office.

It should be borne in mind that you cannot apply for divorce if the woman is pregnant or the family has a common child who is not yet one year old.

Types of applications for divorce in court

  • A claim for divorce can be filed either separately from a claim for division of property, collection of alimony or an application to determine with whom the children (child) will live and the procedure for communicating with them, or in the form of general claims.
  • On the dissolution of a marriage and determining the procedure for communication with a child of separated parents or on determining the place of residence of a minor after the parents’ divorce;
  • On divorce and collection of alimony.

Services of a family lawyer

A family lawyer will provide you with legal advice and help you draw up all the necessary documents to file a claim for divorce.

We are responsible for the quality of legal services and guarantee a positive result.

With the help of a family lawyer or lawyer, your case of filing a claim for divorce will be resolved more professionally and quickly.

By contacting us, you are guaranteed to receive professional legal assistance in filing a claim for divorce.

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