State duty for divorce through the registry office

State duty for divorce through the registry office

Divorce in the registry office occurs by joint consent of the spouses, if they do not have minor children. To dissolve a marriage, a couple must contact the registry office at their place of residence, draw up a statement of desire to end the marriage, provide their passports and marriage registration certificate, as well as a receipt for payment of a state fee in the amount of 0.5 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens.

A state fee is required to obtain a divorce certificate – the main personal document confirming the fact of divorce. A receipt for payment is issued by an employee of the civil registry office; it must be paid on the day of submitting the application. The certificate itself will be issued in a month.

A different amount of state duty is provided for unilateral divorce in the civil registry office. The Family Code of Ukraine allows you to get a divorce in the registry office without the presence of the second spouse if:

  • he is declared incompetent;
  • declared missing.

There is also an additional charge for changing or returning the surname.

Court fee for divorce through court

Divorce in court, according to the Family Code of Ukraine, occurs if a couple has common children who have not reached the age of majority, or one of the spouses opposes divorce. In such cases, the initiator of the termination of the marriage must apply to the court with a statement of claim for divorce.

  • The court fee for filing a statement of claim is paid only by the plaintiff. If during the trial the spouses changed their decision and canceled the divorce, the amount paid is not refunded.

The amount of the court fee for the division of property of spouses

If the issue of property division is considered along with the divorce process, the plaintiff spouse will also have to pay a court fee for the division of property, determined by the price of the claim.

The price of the claim depends on the total value of the property being divided and is determined by the plaintiff independently. If the amount indicated in the application clearly does not correspond to the value of the property, the price of the claim is determined by the judge independently when accepting the application.

The court fee that must be paid by the person initiating the division of jointly acquired property directly depends on the specified price of the claim. The procedure for calculating the amount of court fees is established by the Law “On Court Fees”.

How to pay court fees for divorce

You can pay the court fee in cash or by non-cash means (including online using Internet programs, for example, Privat 24). To do this, you must receive a receipt containing details for paying the court fee.

After receiving the receipt, you can pay the “divorce tax” at the bank’s cash desk or using a self-service terminal. Another modern way to pay court fees is online banking. It allows you to make a translation anywhere.

How to pay state duty through Oschadbank online

In order to pay the divorce fee through Sberbank online, you must log in to the system using your username and password. Then select the “Payments and Transfers” menu item and search for the desired recipient by TIN. You can find out the necessary details on the website of the civil registry office or from the issued receipt.

Search for the payee by TIN in Oschadbank Online

Next, you need to enter the data into the electronic receipt. Some fields will be filled in automatically; the payer needs to enter information about:

  • the account from which the amount will be debited;
  • Full name of the state duty payer;
  • purpose of payment (“For state registration of divorce, including issuance of certificates”);
  • payer’s passport details;
  • payment amounts.

After all fields of the receipt have been filled out, the state fee can be paid. The specified amount will be debited from the selected account. A receipt confirming payment must be printed and submitted to the registry office.

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