Indexation of the amount of alimony payments

Indexation of the amount of alimony payments

Indexation of alimony is provided to maintain the amount of payments at the current level. Subsequently, the economic situation as a whole and such indicators as retail prices change significantly. Therefore, the content, which can be carried out for years, must correspond to the current state.

The subsistence level is determined by the cost of the consumer food basket. It changes every 6 months, and in any direction, but, as a rule, there is still an increasing trend.

When is alimony indexed?

Recalculation is carried out only for payments intended in a fixed monetary amount.

It is believed that if the father pays alimony as part of his own income, then this income itself is subject to updating, so it is simply inappropriate to transfer a certain part of it.

Since the fixed monetary amount today is tied to the subsistence level, it is recalculated in accordance with the adjustment of this indicator.

Who is involved in indexing alimony payments?

The legislation establishes the circle of persons who have the right to index child support. Let’s look at them.

Accounting of the organization in which the alimony payer works

If a court or agreement establishes the calculation of alimony in a fixed amount, then the organization’s accounting department must transfer it whenever the cost of living in the region changes.

The procedure is accompanied by the publication of a corresponding order containing information about the government decree, which approves changes in the value of the indicator, as well as the amount of recalculation.

If the amount of payment for one month exceeds or the payer does not have a regular income, the obligation to index alimony falls on representatives of the next category.

State executors for indexation of alimony payments

State executors for indexation of alimony payments

Frequency of recalculation of the amount of alimony

The frequency and period of indexation of payments is tied solely to changes in the cost of living. And although a specific deadline has not been established, recalculation of their volume must be made immediately after changes are made. That is, the content closest to making adjustments should already be made taking them into account.

Indexation of alimony payments for the past period

The legislation stipulates that a person entitled to receive alimony may make this demand within three years from the moment he has such a right. Moreover, if the court satisfies the request, payments for the past time are also subject to recalculation.

An important point: alimony will be indexed separately for each period, that is, as many times as the level of the cost of living has changed during this time.

In addition, an additional penalty may be charged if the deductions were not made due to the fault of an unscrupulous payer.

It is also possible that the content was carried out, but indexing was not. In this case, the person who is obliged to pay, as a rule, should not (for example, the recalculation was not carried out due to the lack of relevant regulations). The issue is resolved by additional payment of funds “lost” due to lack of indexation; no fine is imposed.

Indexation of child support payments

Indexation of alimony is designed to maintain its amount at a level relevant to the current economic situation in the region. A recalculation is made every time the government changes the cost of living.

Recalculation is made only for payments to children assigned in a fixed amount, and is carried out by the accounting department of the organization where the payer works or by the state executive service.

If contributions are made for a past period, their amount is subject to recalculation in accordance with each change in the cost of living during this time. If deductions were made, but indexation was not carried out, it is calculated and the funds that the recipient lost due to an error are paid.

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