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Congratulations on the website! In the article “How to quickly dissolve a marriage,” I will talk about how to quickly dissolve a marriage, file a quick divorce through the court, how to quickly file a divorce through the registry office, how to expedite a divorce through the court, how to quickly separate from your husband without his consent. Read the article to the end and contact our law firm for legal assistance in family matters.

How to quickly divorce?

Family law allows divorce to be registered in the civil registry office or in court. The termination of a marriage administratively takes one month from the date of filing the application. This period cannot be changed or shortened.

A divorce in court can take several months or even longer. The duration of the divorce process in this case is influenced by several factors:

  • correctness of filling out the statement of claim;
  • the presence or absence of a dispute between spouses about children or the issue of division of property;
  • attendance of both parties at the meeting;
  • appointment by the judge of a reconciliation period.

The divorce process can be speeded up by the mutual consent of the spouses to end family relations and by previously reached agreements on which parent the children under eighteen years of age will live with. The appearance of the spouses at the hearing can also affect the term of divorce in court: in this case, the hearings will not be postponed.

If these conditions are met, the court may make a decision on divorce at the first court hearing, which is scheduled one month after the statement of claim is accepted for consideration.

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Get a quick divorce through the court, registry office

Termination of a marriage in the civil registry office occurs if two main conditions are met (according to the Family Code of Ukraine):

  • the spouses do not have common minor children;
  • both agree to end the marriage.

In this case, to file a divorce, it is enough to appear at the registry office, pay the state fee, and fill out the appropriate application. The employee will set a date for a follow-up visit to obtain a divorce certificate. The whole process takes exactly one month from the date of the first application. The civil registry office does not set a deadline for reconciliation and does not clarify the reasons why a common life has become impossible.

Unlike administrative divorce, divorce in court does not have an exact duration established in law. According to the Civil Procedure Code, the case must be considered in the district court no later than two months from the date of acceptance of the application.

However, this period may change if the plaintiff or defendant fails to appear for the scheduled hearing. In this situation, the judge has the right to reschedule the hearing to another date. In addition, when considering a case on the termination of a marriage, the judge may assign the spouses a period for reconciliation. This measure is aimed at preserving and protecting the family.

Thus, the period for divorce in the registry office and the minimum duration of divorce in court is one month. At the same time, the divorce process, complicated by disagreement and non-appearance of the defendant, the presence of a dispute about the residence of children, or extended for the period of reconciliation, can drag on for several months.

Quick divorce: help from a lawyer

Our lawyers are often asked the following questions: how to dissolve a marriage online? How to break up with a man without his consent? What is needed to divorce a marriage through the registry office? How to draw up a statement of claim for divorce with minor children? Where can I get a divorce certificate? How to write an application for divorce without presence? The answers to all these questions can be found on our website

How to quickly file a divorce through the registry office

To quickly file a divorce in court, it is enough to fulfill a number of conditions and first prepare the necessary documents. Spouses, having agreed on a date for visiting the registry office, must have their passports and marriage registration certificate with them. An employee of the department provides the spouses with details for paying the state fee.

Customs fees for divorce are paid separately by husband and wife. This is due to the fact that the former spouses will each receive their own personal copy of the divorce certificate.

Despite the fact that the state fee can be paid at any convenient time, and the issued receipt has no statute of limitations, to speed up the registration of the divorce, this can be done on the day of the first application. Instant payment can be made directly at the registry office.

Registration of divorce in the registry office is the easiest way to quickly separate using a joint application. A husband and wife who decide to end their family relationship can file for divorce at one of the civil registry offices.

Spouses must appear together at the selected civil registry office. You can submit documents separately on the website, and then, having received a coupon, visit the registry office together. Regardless of the chosen method, the procedure will take exactly one month from the date of filing the application for divorce.

If the spouses decide to separate with mutual consent and do not raise common minor children, but have a dispute regarding the division of jointly acquired property, they can apply to the court for resolution of this issue after the official divorce in the registry office. The statute of limitations for such cases is three years from the date of divorce.

How to speed up a divorce through court?

Divorce proceedings in court begin from the moment the statement of claim is filed. Within five days after receipt, the issue of its acceptance and the opening of proceedings is decided. Whether the appropriate authority will accept the claim or return it for correction depends on the correctness of its completion and the correct determination of jurisdiction. A correctly drawn up application must contain the following information:

  1. name of the court (name, address, means of communication);
  2. full name, residential address and means of communication of both parties (it is recommended to write the address together with the postal code and not use abbreviations);
  3. information about marriage registration (information about the date and place of marriage is confirmed by the marriage certificate attached to the application);
  4. the reason for the termination of the family relationship (the plaintiff has the right not to indicate this information, but compelling reasons can speed up the divorce);
  5. list of provided documents (applications);
  6. the presence or absence of an agreement on the place of residence of children after divorce (optional).

If the spouses were able to agree on which of them the children would live with, the judge will make a decision much faster. If such an agreement is not reached or property is divided simultaneously with the dissolution of the marriage, then the divorce process will take a certain period of time.

A correctly completed application is accepted by the court for consideration. If the divorce proceeding is by mutual consent of the spouses, both parties must appear at the scheduled hearing to expedite the decision. Mutual confidence that further family life is impossible, confirmed at the meeting, will help avoid setting a long period for reconciliation. In this case, the court may decide on divorce at the first hearing.

How to quickly break up with a man without his consent

The lack of consent of the spouse to dissolve the marriage can significantly delay the registration of divorce. According to the Family Code, in this case, the termination of the marriage union occurs only in court. In addition, the defendant’s failure to appear at the hearing or the court’s statement of disagreement with the plaintiff’s position can prolong the divorce process for several months.

In order to speed up the divorce process without the man’s consent, the court must indicate compelling reasons why further family life is impossible. Among the most common reasons for ending a marriage are:

  1. various types of addictions of the defendant (alcohol, drugs, gaming);
  2. long-term separate residence and absence of family relationships;
  3. parasitism of the other party, refusal to work without a good reason;
  4. demonstrated aggression.

All these reasons serve as a serious argument for the court to make a decision at the first hearing, even if the defendant did not appear at it. The plaintiff may also add documents or testimony to support his claims about the husband or wife’s immoral lifestyle.

Another good reason for an immediate divorce decree may be the presence of a new family for the defendant or plaintiff. During the hearing, the plaintiff can provide evidence of his or the defendant’s actual residence with another partner and a desire to legitimize a new relationship.

How to quickly separate from your spouse if you have children

The process of divorce can be complicated not only by the disagreement of the other party, but also by the presence of minor children in the family. Family law is aimed at protecting childhood, so the main issue in a divorce will be determining the future place of residence of the child.

If, before filing the claim, the parties were able to agree with which of them the children would remain, then a drafted and notarized consent will help speed up the registration of divorce. It can be added to the statement of claim. In the agreement, the spouses can indicate not only where the common child will live, but also what order of communication with each parent will suit both parties.

If such agreement is not reached, the dispute about the children will be resolved in court. In this case, arguments that prove that living with one of the parties will be in the interests of the child will help speed up the divorce process. The court may consider:

  • certificates of income of the parties;
  • the opinion of the child himself, his teachers, guardianship officials;
  • documents on living conditions are presented;
  • characteristics of the parties.

Maximum preparedness for the hearings and the argumentation of one’s own position, supported by documents or testimony, can speed up the adoption of a court decision, despite the denial of the other party.

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