How to build a relationship with a man?

How to build a relationship with a man?

Everyone got married several times, but you are alone and can’t meet a man? Do not be discouraged: each person is individual and was destined to meet one or more partners throughout his life. However, there are some points due to which relationships do not work out.

Before you try to understand why you can’t build healthy and strong relationships, you need to answer a number of questions:

  • Why do I need a relationship?
  • What do I want to get from them?
  • What is my attitude towards myself?

Apart from these issues, there are other reasons that affect relationships. What to do in each specific case?

Relationships with men don’t work out

How to improve a relationship with a man?

Are you bored, feel bad alone, do you want a guy to spend your leisure time with? Or maybe you just have a lot of free time and want to fill it with your partner? In such cases, the question of healthy people is out of the question. If you are bored with yourself, then your partner will be bored with you.

If you have a lot of free time, take it up: go to sports, find hobbies to keep your thoughts busy. A guy doesn’t always like it when a girl is only busy with him. It is necessary to respect the boundaries of personal space.

It very often happens that a woman meets a man, they begin to build a relationship, go through a candy-bouquet period, then begin to live together… Everything seems to be fine, the views are the same, the characters suit them, but the inner voice says: “This is not what I wanted” .

Explore yourself, see what is happening in life at this time. By prioritizing, you can see whether you need a relationship now or not. Maybe you’re building a career, you’re all about work, you’re devoting yourself 100% to your work, or maybe you’re studying and have an important honors diploma for you. Hence the conclusion – you don’t have time, so nothing comes of love. There is no need to look for a partner until you achieve your goals and achieve results.

A good relationship with a man – self-acceptance

The most important question is how you feel about yourself.

If you constantly think that you are fat, have a big nose, crooked teeth, etc., then everyone around you will think the same. We form impressions of ourselves from our own perceptions. Accept and love yourself exactly as you are. Remember, you were born this way, this is what makes you unique. When you start loving yourself, men will feel it.

First, focus on yourself, accept yourself, and only then start looking for a partner.

Attitude towards yourself

Our life is a mirror – we attract into it exactly what we are. There must be balance in your attitude towards yourself, as in everything else. At the same time, very high self-esteem is repulsive.

Relationships with a man: consider relationships with parents

The idea of strong families comes to us from our parents. Parents are very close people; they are the foundation of us as individuals. We take on part of our character from our mother and another from our father. If the father drank or left the family completely, girls develop the idea that all men are bad, alcoholics, incapable of solving problems, etc.

At such moments, the child usually hides a grudge against his father. It happens that the connection with the mother is not very good, and sometimes there is none at all. These are the biggest blocks in life.

In order for your relationship with your partner to be built and develop harmoniously, you need to forgive your parents. You don’t have to go to them to apologize, do it within yourself, but most importantly from the bottom of your heart.

Male and female energy for building relationships with a man

One of the main mistakes due to which nothing works out is when a woman takes the reins of power into her own hands. It’s easier for her to start carrying heavy things home herself. She cannot accept help, she is afraid to shift responsibility onto someone.

Another important mistake is that the girl shows how strong and independent she is – this is how she tries to compete with the man. These mistakes indicate that the girl has activated masculine energy in herself, it is difficult for a partner to be in such a relationship, his self-esteem is suppressed.

It is important for a man when they ask for help, he sees his importance and indispensability. Don’t forget that a woman’s strength is in her weakness.

It happens the other way around: a woman turns on some kind of “mommy”, controls the man in everything, cares too much. This means that feminine energy overwhelms her. For men, due to measured guardianship, it acts irritably. Know how to maintain a balance of energy within yourself.

Male and female psychology in relationships

The psychology of thinking is different in men and women, hence the differences in behavior in relationships.

  • When a girl falls in love, she becomes inspired, soars in the clouds, all so weightless. At this moment, she forgets everything she was doing and immerses herself in her partner. As we remember, this cannot be done.
  • A man usually behaves more restrained.

Women are more emotional. At this moment, the main thing is not to miss the power of female wisdom. She shouldn’t make scandals or be offended over trifles – this is the fate of hysterics. A wise woman who wants to start a family will solve the whole issue calmly, talk, and tell her husband where and why she was not pleased. In a relationship, communication is key. Nothing can be collected and kept to oneself.

Most representatives of the stronger sex are afraid of losing their independence and courage, so they do not like to show off their feelings. At the same time, men are conquerors; they will not be interested in a girl who “hangs herself by her neck.” It is important for a man to be in charge. With women, they love a mystery. The longer you remain unavailable, the stronger the interest will be.


It is important for a man to hear that you believe in him. If you constantly say that he is a loser, that he is not able to do anything, it will kill him.

Men don’t like negative emotions; they lie as a defensive reaction. He may say that he was late at work, so he came home later, than he will tell the truth that, for example, he met an acquaintance and they went into a cafe.

Both in male and female psychology there is one common feeling – this is love. If there is love in a relationship, then everything will be completely fine. You will be able to accept a person with all his advantages and disadvantages. Feelings alone are not enough; you need to understand whether you love a person or not, and are ready to move on with him. In order to truly love, you need to develop, because an immature mind is egoistic, while a mature and developed mind is able to think not only about itself, but also about the environment.

Creating a healthy relationship with a man

To summarize, there are several important points for creating a healthy relationship:

  1. Love and accept yourself.
  2. Sorry parents.
  3. Don’t let a man suppress his masculine ego.
  4. Remain a woman, be a mystery and not reveal all your secrets at once.
  5. Communicate with your partner.
  6. Believe in a man, support him in his endeavors.
  7. And of course – to love sincerely.

Don’t focus on your dream, let it go. The more often you think about relationships, the more the abyss will disappear from you. Men are attracted to self-sufficient and confident girls. Appreciate your freedom, enjoy it. And everything will definitely work out for you in the best possible way!

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