Divorce in the registry office

Divorce in the registry office

Divorce through the marriage registry bodies is the simplest and least expensive way to dissolve a marriage in terms of time, money and nerves, if the need arises. At the same time, the Family Code of Ukraine limits the possibility of such a divorce procedure; for example, if spouses have common minor children, then a trial is required.

How to separate through the registry office

Divorce through the marriage registry bodies allows you to simply terminate previously registered family relationships. All related issues, in particular the division of property, disputes about children and demands for payment of alimony, are resolved exclusively within the framework of the judicial process, although not in all cases such issues arise.

Family legislation of Ukraine provides for the following grounds for administrative divorce:

When the spouses file an application together because they do not object to the divorce and do not have common children who are not yet 18 years old (if only one of the spouses has a child, and he was not adopted by the second spouse, then the marriage is also dissolved through the authorities Civil Registry Office).

When one spouse files for divorce, and the other spouse:

  • by a court decision he is considered missing (such a decision can be made if there is no information about his whereabouts for a year);
  • by a court decision is considered incompetent;

If the spouse does not consent to divorce through government agencies or avoids filing the appropriate application, then the second spouse will have to go to court.

Documents for divorce in the registry office

To file a divorce you will need the following documents:

  1. joint statement of the parties (if mutual consent is expressed);
  2. a statement from the interested party, if there are grounds to unilaterally break the family union;
  3. passports of husband and wife;
  4. marriage certificate;
  5. a court decision recognizing the second spouse as missing or incompetent (if there is such a decision);
  6. receipt of payment of state duty (from each spouse).

The legislation of Ukraine allows for filing an application remotely, i.e.

  • by mail or through a representative with preliminary notarization (which is very convenient for those living or temporarily staying in another country or in another region of Ukraine);
  • through the web portal “Appeal in the field of state registration of acts of civil status”.

Application for divorce through the registry office

To file for divorce administratively, you should contact the state civil registration authority:

  • at the place of residence of one of the parties;
  • at the place of residence of the spouses (if they live together);
  • at the place where the marriage was registered.

The application for divorce should indicate:

  • grounds for divorce;
  • full names, dates and places of birth, addresses of both parties;
  • details of the marriage registration act (written off from the certificate of such registration);
  • the surname chosen by the applicant after the divorce (if the surname changed during state registration of the marriage);
  • applicant’s passport details.

To correctly draw up this document, use the sample divorce application to the registry office below. You can not only view it, but also download it.

The procedure for a divorce in the registry office

A month (30 days) must pass after the application is submitted to the registry office and its corresponding registration by authorized employees for the marriage to be terminated. This gives the state the opportunity to influence the applicant’s decision in a certain way: only if in a month he confirms his willingness to continue the divorce process, the civil registry office staff will take all necessary actions.

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