Alimony in Ukraine

Alimony in Ukraine: what will change

The realities of modern life are changing very quickly. To maintain a balance of interests of the parties, changes are periodically made to alimony legislation: recipients of alimony must have a sufficient amount of residence, and payers should not be able to evade paying them. If this happens, they will be penalized for incurring debt.

We consider how the situation of all parties to the alimony legal relationship will change:

  • Minimum child support
  • Payment of alimony by the state
  • “Housing” alimony
  • Criminal liability for large debts

Will child support be abolished?

Some activists believe that the institution of the family has collapsed in the world, and alimony has a negative impact on the demography and psychological climate of many families. The abolition of alimony will lead to a decrease in the number of divorces, and the fewer divorces, the better the demography: more children appear in two-parent families.

Supporters of alimony abolition see another plus in this: while bailiffs are busy receiving alimony from more than hundreds of thousands of payers, they can do something more useful.

No matter how detailed the position of the authors of the initiative to abolish alimony is argued, and no matter how many followers it has, there will be no abolition of alimony for all this. Motherhood and childhood are especially protected by the state (according to the Constitution of Ukraine), alimony is one of the ways to protect the legitimate interests of minors.

Amount of child support in Ukraine.

Today, alimony is paid in three different ways:

  • In shares, proportional to all income of the alimony payer. The size of the shares depends on the number of children: a quarter – for one child, for two children – 1/3 of the income, for three or more children you will have to pay half of the income;
  • in a fixed monetary amount, which is established by agreement or court and does not change regardless of the size of the payer’s income. In one month the alimony payer may earn money, in another – not. If a court decision or alimony agreement stipulates a monthly payment, that is exactly how much he must pay;
  • in a mixed way: part – in a fixed amount, part – in proportion to income.

Minimum child support

Often, alimony payers show dishonesty by hiding part of their income, working without a contract, or receiving payment in hand, “in an envelope.” If you need to pay funds in proportion to your earnings, for example, % of the total income, then if the payer has officially earned money, he will pay, if not, then no, this is less than the subsistence minimum for a child.

Therefore, the legislation proposed to equate the minimum amount of alimony to the minimum subsistence level for a child, established depending on age.

Will the state pay child support?

Today in Ukraine there is temporary state assistance for children whose parents evade paying child support, are unable to support the child or their place of residence is unknown, which is provided for children in an amount equal to the difference between 50 percent of the subsistence level for a child of the corresponding age and the average monthly one. total family income per person for the previous six months.

Will “housing” alimony be introduced?

The Family Code of Ukraine provides for the possibility of collecting additional expenses for children. Previously, additional amounts were most often charged if the child had health problems that required large financial expenses.

However, often children receiving alimony do not have a roof over their heads, because after a divorce the parents usually cannot live together, and mother and child have to look for new housing. Women may be experiencing financial difficulties, problems with work, or even be on maternity leave, and finding housing often becomes an additional problem.

Criminal liability for non-payment of alimony

However, if the debtor pays irregularly and even insignificant amounts (the amount of which is lower than established by the executive document or agreement), the initiation of a criminal case may be refused – the debtor pays!

Alimony legislation

To avoid such situations, the Ministry of Justice has developed a corresponding bill. If this legislative initiative is adopted, then criminal liability will arise when the payer does not transfer funds to the child in the amount established by agreement or court decision. Consequently, paying an incomplete amount of alimony will no longer save the defaulter from criminal liability:

Child support law: what will remain unchanged

State policy continues to be aimed at supporting socially vulnerable segments of the population and strengthening the responsibility of debtors for alimony payments.

There are no changes to the following aspects of child support laws:

  1. Minors or disabled adult children; disabled parents; financially disadvantaged spouses and former spouses; other family members in need of help: brothers and sisters, grandparents, actual educators still have the right to receive alimony from the appropriate persons: grandmothers from their grandchildren, educators from their pupils, and so on.
  2. Alimony can be paid voluntarily, under a notarial agreement, or collected from the defaulter through the court.
  3. The methods of collecting alimony (in shares, in a fixed amount and in a mixed way) will not change.
  4. Alimony defaulters will continue to be subject to various penalties: from a ban on traveling abroad to imprisonment.
  5. The severity of the punishment will depend on the size of the debt, the severity of non-payment and other significant factors.

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A family lawyer will provide you with legal advice and help you draw up all the necessary documents for collecting alimony.

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